Autumn 2017 fashion trends for baby to inspire you

Whilst there will always be a core baby collection that is classical and timeless, Autumn 2017 sees a huge diversity of designs, trends and fashions with major fashion houses such as Gucci, Versace and D&G entering into industry with the launch of their own baby collections.

There is now so much choice that regardless of your taste or your budget you really can’t go to wrong in dressing baby this fall.

Four key trends making an appearance this season are

Classroom Inspired Retro

Classroom Inspired Retro

With a real mix of collections inspired by this trend, some designs are more structured than others, but all are aimed at flexible movement to allow baby to happily play and explore. Think playful, bright primary colours and edgy styles with a hint of cheeky or fun.

Statement T’s With Mischievous Motifs

Statement T’s with mischievous motifs

Statement T’s are a big thing right now and a great way to express little personalities. Think mischievous motifs and cheeky messages that only an innocent looking child can pull off. Ranging from funky designs in bright colours to toned-down neutrals with just a hit of naughty. These wardrobe staples are ideal for adding a little something to an everyday outfit.

Neutral Artic Colours


Neutral artic colours

Great for those who don’t yet know the sex of their baby or like unisex options, with soft whites, blacks and warm greys as the palette. This trend is all about soft fabric, cozy cold days and comfort. Ideal for newborn babies or crawlers who’s knees will get knocked, you’ll be sure to find plentiful rompers, onesies and baby grows following this trend.

Preppy Classic


Preppy Classic

Think old English or American prep school uniform but with a new and updated twist. This look is all about smart pieces put together. Perhaps slightly formal for everyday, this look is great for events from wedding to christenings and even family parties. However as with all baby clothing, this style still very much remains focused on comfort. Think warm knits, pleated skirts and knitted jackets and tights. Ideal for cool winter days!

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