Baby Fever Egads.... Now what?

I know everyone says a fever is good. It helps the body fight infection. But when you are a new mom and your baby gets his first fever, it is sooooo scary. Some things to help you after you read the thermometer!

Normal human body temps do vary slightly among people. It can range from 98-99 degrees Fahrenheit. It also depends on where the temperature is being taken. Temperatures are higher by one degree when taken from the rectum as opposed to the armpit,or mouth.
Doctors affirm that your baby does have a temperature if his is higher than 99 degrees F but not to exceed 100.4 If your baby is 3 months and under and his body temp is above 100, then you need to take him to the hospital. If your baby is above 3 months old and his fever is over 102 degrees, the same rule applies.

How Do I Take Baby’s Temperature?

When taking your baby temperature make sure you are using the correct thermometer for the location in which you are taking the temp. Some are for oral use and some are for rectum.

As far as inserting the rectal thermometer, use caution, do not insert all the way in and use a lubricant. Make sure to disinfect after each use.
Medication may be needed when a child complains of body aches. You may use ibuprofen tylenol for kids Make sure you are following the directions correctly. If you need to bathe your baby to lower a fever, use tylenol in case your baby gets the shivers. Do not ever use aspirin as it will cause Reye’s Syndrome. Unless your doctor gives you the go-ahead, you should never give a baby 4 months and younger.

Make sure that if your baby has any of these other symptoms along with fever, that a trip to urgent care should be in order. These include rapid body temperatures, dry mouth,behavioral changes, earache, vomiting, diarrhea,seizures, skin rashes,paleness, sore throat, crying at a high pitch limpness and breathing difficulties.

So while New Mums may get teased for being anxious about your baby’s fever, I think you have every right to be!

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