Baby Names​ ~​101 choices DOES NOT make it any easier!

Baby Names ~​101 choices DOES NOT make it any easier!

Is it time to depart from tradition?
We didn’t think so and when we picked out names for either a girl or a boy, we did go with family names. In fact, our little redhead is named after a Sarah Margaret who was born in 1808 and died in 1888. Our daughter is the 6th generation to carry the middle name, ‘Margaret’. Yes, you can say with 10 generations living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, we are definitely Traditional.

Some people want to keep a name immortalised and choose a boy’s name with a I, II, III or even IV. Juniors are another popular suffix for keeping your roots alive. Checking your family tree is a good source for family names. It sounds simple, like checking the family bible, but we didn’t think of this!

I tried to pick a name that would not end up being something goofy. I tried to envision my baby’s future and research the meanings of the names we picked. My husband is named after Shaun Cassidy so we thought about using a celebrity’s name. Then when we couldn’t agree, we scratched that idea.

So what should you focus on?

Paying close attention to the initials your choice brings out is important. A friend in college named her baby Eric Zachariah and their last name was Lay. Just an unfortunate oversight and now that boy is forever teased and ridiculed.

Limiting your creativity is important too. Wild spellings of names lead to a lifetime of having to spell it each and every time. Nowadays, even a slight variation can mean that your child has to re-introduce himself a few times, spelling out his name and enunciating it quite clearly and so on.


It also helps when both parents can contribute.’Two heads are better than one’, as the old adage goes. It will reinforce the bond between the two of them and then the three of them later on. Each baby name has a story behind it so make it meaningful.

We had a dinner party before our daughter was born that included everyone thinking of a name, writing it on a piece of paper, and as they arrived, each person dropped their name idea into a hat. After dinner we pulled names and had a discussion about each one. Really? It was loads of fun. It didn’t help us choose a name as we were already stuck on Tradition but it was a great way to be even more excited of the arrival of our baby.

All in all, just do your homework, be empowered and make the most of it!

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