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Baby Nursery Feng Shui

Applying Feng Shui to your baby's nursery

Some of you may be familiar with this. It is a Chinese method of placing furniture to ensure a soothing calm environment for yourselves and your baby. Creating a positive vibe, giving your nursery a proper alignment and arrangement gives a positive energy will flow in the room.

Your room’s location, colors used, safety and placing of the furniture will all help to create a comfortable place for your baby to thrive and grow.

The location of the room should not be above a garage or near the bathroom. It should be in an area without traffic noise.
Keep your baby’s bed away from the door and limit the electrical appliances close to the crib. Do not place your baby’s crib in the middle of the room with no support, or under the window. The bed should never be slanted and the head of the bed should face East ensuring that your baby arises in the direction of the sunrise.

We are sensitive beings to energy around us – some are more aware of it than others – but when it comes to babies be sure they feel everything. So good feng shui energy will strengthen your baby’s energy.

When it comes to what is affordable and practical, be guided by your senses. Think of the nursery as a special retreat and let it delight all five senses.

You will know when you are finished with your baby’s room because it always feels good. Trust your choices and stay within your budget.

Create a harmony of colors in the nursery. Look past the traditional colors and pick those hues which are soothing to you. Keep several sources of different lights at different times of the day. Not only will this aid in helping your baby’s sleep routines but it will help the feng shui energy. Try to stay

away from plastic or synthetic materials, Use wood if at all possible as well as bamboo or hemp products.
Use a bit of aromatherapy and enjoy the scent of gentle oils, such as chamomile, rose, vanilla or lavender. ( never apply the oils directly to your baby’s skin)

Creating a good feng shui room for your baby is more than just adjusting the space right. It is about expressing an unconditional love, care and adoration, as well as affirmation of support throughout the life you will be sharing together.

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