Baby Shower Games to play that are fun

It was the 6th month into my pregnancy and I was waddling a bit, mind you. My husband insisted we go out for dinner one evening and we ended up at my sister-in-law’s home. I am still thinking we are just dropping by when out of every hiding place in her living room, 15 of my dearest friends and family leap out from behind the furniture and nearly cost me my nice white capris.
SURPRISE everyone yelled! It is your Baby Shower! Between the lot of them, they did come up with some really fun baby shower games and I want to share them with you.


Here’s the Baby Shower Games We Played!


First, in vintage style, we played the ​Diaper Pin game. Take a large tupperware salad bowl and fill it with rice, each gal then receives 2 minutes to fish through the rice to find the most diaper pins. The winner received a gift certificate to Starbucks.

The next game was a rendition of ​Truth or Dare​. Each lady pulls a trivia question from a bucket and the questions are about pregnancy, and the first 12 months. Those who get it right win a pack of gum and those that do not have to act out a dare that is thought up by the participants.

7 up

This game is played when the Mom to be starts opening her gifts. The seventh gift is kept aside for the next lady to get pregnant or if anyone at the party is expecting.

Toilet Papering Not The Traditional Way

The Mom to be becomes part of this baby game when her friends are asked to guess the size of Mommy’s tummy. Each lady is given a roll of toilet paper. They try and gauge the size and amount of toilet paper needed to wrap around the Mom’s tummy. As these ladies stand to measure, the one who guesses the closest wins a pizza gift certificate. 

Guess who?

In this game, you guess it! Ladies will be trying to guess which baby picture goes with each guest. When your friends start arriving, have them write a number on the back of the photo. At game time, the photos will be laid out on the table and everyone will get a pen and paper with the list of guests on it. The goal is to identify who is who and the the person with the most correct guests will win a small box of chocolates.


As your guests arrive, each should receive a binky or a pacifier. Before the start of the games and during the cake eating time,if someone says the word Baby they will lose their pacifier to the person in their conversation. The person who ends up with the most pacifiers wins a Yankee candle. The person with the most pacifiers collected can donate them to the Mom to be!After all, one can never have enough binkies!

So here are a few ways to incorporate games for your baby shower! We had fun with these and I hope you will as well.

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