Grey baby girl outfit | Trendy Baby Box

Our Mission

Is to ensure babies everywhere are cute, stylish and super comfy. By delivering a curated outfit in each box to mum's door each month.

Mums Know Best

That's why as parents, we feel confident Trendy Baby Box will make Mum, Dad and Baby happy. We shower as much love and affection on preparing every individual box as you do your baby

A Gift for Baby

If you are looking for the best baby shower gift look no further, mum and dad will thank you for this little box of cool and their baby will be the envy of the rest of the street.


Trendy Baby Box was founded by Husband and Wife Team using their experience as new parents.


Keely Capel-Teixeira


As a new mum myself, I loved finding stylish outfits for my little man. Always looking for items that weren't the run of the mill shop bought variety. He grows so fast! I felt like every month I would be buying him at least one new outfit. Often trying to tie it into existing pieces so as to make the most from it. With a corporate background I knew before long I wanted to invest my energy in something new. Allowing me quality time with him. As an avid follower of subscription services such as birchbox, I decided on baby subscription boxes. What better way to encompass my business knowledge, family life and love for fashion in particular babies!



Diogo Teixeira


As a new father, I was overjoyed to find I was having a son. With a flare for style and what I concern a unique take on clothes I wanted my son to find his own fashion sense as well. When my wife proposed her new idea for a baby subscription box, I was fully onboard. I just love helping give a male perspective to the outfits we curate. Social media and client interaction is my forte and so I love that I am able to apply this strengths to help Trendy baby box grown and look forward to meeting all our new subscribers!