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Trendy Baby Box- A Sneak Peak

Every month Trendy Baby Box curates a complete outfit and delivers it to your door, ready for your baby to wear. In each baby box, you will receive three to five pieces to make a complete look or to mix and match with your baby's style. All of our clothing is chosen to help busy parents create  a variety of adorable looks for both your boy and/or your girl! As a VIP subscriber, you will also receive helpful tips and hints such as what to use to compliment your baby's outfits and how best to care for the garments ensuring they last. 

Learn How We Choose The Best for You

Our team of parents will tailor the outfit  we send you every month. We know babies grow up fast and we use the information you provide us to make sure the clothes in your box grow with your baby. All the garments selected each month are carefully chosen by our team for: 

  • Practicality 
  • Trend Factor
  • Comfort
  • Ease of care

All of our clothes aim to give your child freedom of movement and are soft on your baby's delicate skin. This makes Trendy Baby Box the ideal monthly delivery for your little one. 

Every box is sealed with love and care

We know why you want comfort, practicality and style.......because we are parents too!

Every morning we are dressing little bodies with big personalities. And big personalities deserve a unique style. This excites us on our mission to deliver cute and on trend outfits for you.

We hand pick each box and make sure it is always sealed with love and care just as if it were for our own babies.