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Can I skip a month?

Baby Subscription boxes | Trendy Baby Box

The great thing about our baby subscription boxes is that Yes if you need to skip a month you can. In order to skip a delivery, you must email us at [email protected]

Difference between skipping and cancelling

Skipping is different from cancelling. It will simply delay your next re-bill date until the following month or whenever you specify to us. By skipping you keep your subscription active.

Cancelling your subscription through your online account however, will render your subscription inactive. ¬†You will no longer receive any boxes other than what you’ve already paid for. Priced that have been grandfathered will be removed and new pricing will be applied if you chose to subscribe again.

As long as you do not cancel your subscription, you will be able to continue your subscription at your original subscription rate.

The monthly subscription price will increase to our current pricing. If you cancel a subscription and then subscribe again.

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