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I have been charged this month, but I didn’t receive a box, why?

monthly boxes for babies

Please check the date that you subscribe to Trendy Baby Box. Our monthly boxes for babies are highly popular. If our current month’s boxes has sold out, when you subscribe. You will receive next month’s box as your first box.

When you first subscribe you will be charge immediately for the purchase, after receiving your first box you will then be charged on the 1st of each month going forward. Our boxes will ship on the 25th of each month.

We close the month’s subscription on the 1st of the month with boxes dispatched on the 25th. Therefore if you have subscribed and paid for your first box before after the 1st of the month. You will not receive your box until the following month.

As example: A subscription completed and paid on the 5th of September will receive October’s box as their first.

For more on our subscription process please check here

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