Top 10 tips for new mums and mums to be

Becoming a mum can be a scary business. It’s a new challenge and something you have never done before. Sure there is plenty of advice out there and books to read, but there’s no manual. However in our experience, the best pieces of advice come from those who have recently been through it themselves.

So we’ve rounded up the top 10 tips we found helps us through those first few months and that we would pass along to other new mum’s having found them useful.

1.    The day you give birth will not be the best day of your life.

you might dream that it will be, that you’ll be all glowy with sweat. Of the beautiful first photo you’ll have of you baby and daddy. The reality is something else. You’ll be a hot mess. Your hair will look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards and chances are no one will remember to take a photo or you’ll have passed out from the exhaustion.

2.Often there is no right or wrong way. It’s about doing your best

Once person will tell you to do it like this, another will tell you to do it like that. It can become utterly confusing at times as to what exactly you are meant to do. But just take a step back. Ignore everyone else and do what you think is best. Don’t beat yourself up, you’ve got plenty of years to experience mum guilt just do what feels right to you.

3.Keep baby wipes everywhere!

Trust us on this one… you will come to find they are your best friend. Snot, sick, wee, poo or just random acts of attempting housework. Baby wipes will become your best friend. We’ve even been known to carry a pack in our back pocket at all times!

4.There will be days you feel like running away.

And that’s ok!…. You’re not alone. You are not a bad mother. You’re overwhelmed. Having been throwning into a brand new job with no training which is a 24/7 position. It’s completely natural to feel this way from time to time. Breathe. Take a step back and if you can have someone watch the baby for an hour so you can take a break. Go grab a coffee. Have a shower. Read a book. You will feel find in no time. But if you don’t speak up, tell someone and ask for help.

5.You’re mum wont remember what she did with you, but you’ll still ask her advice

Mum’s are the best people to ask. Especially your own. She may not remember what it was she did with you. But she’ll be sure to reassure you and offer you advice you will be happy to listen too

6.Pick and choose which advice you listen too.

Everyone including your postman will have advice they want to share with you when a new baby arrives. But its your baby and your life, so pick which pieces of advice you want to listen too and ignore the rest. What worked for others may not work for you. Only you know your family and your lifestyle

7.Don’t do anything while the baby sleeps that you could do when they are wake

The old saying goes sleep when the baby sleeps but that is not always so easy. If you can’t nap with them, just make the most of the baby free time you have by doing these that are impossible to get done when they are awake. It will help relieve the stress you may feel about mounting tasks that aren’t getting completed.

8.Let you’re baby tell you what they need

You may not believe this at first but babies are able to communicate. Stop worrying frantically about what it is they need and step back and listen. With a little time you will be able to figure out exactly what it is they are asking for and the whole thing becomes a lot easier.

9.If your baby sleeps through the night you will be hated.

Unfortunately this is 100% true and if you are not that lucky… be warned you will hate your friends with a passion who’s baby does sleep through and will have an overwhelming urge to want to punch the

10.This too shall pass

When it all gets to much. When you have changed the 100th nappy in the last hour or the baby has screamed continuously for the past 5 hours remember this motto…. “this too shall pass” One day they will stop crying, one day they won’t need feeding every two hours. One day they won’t hold your hand. Whilst it may seem like you are in the thick of it. These moments will pass quickly and before you know it they will be but a distance memory.

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