10 Best UK Mum Blogs to Follow As A New Mum

Being a new mum can be a daunting prospect. One that often at times can feel quite isolating and lonely. In those first few months after baby’s arrival you will have plenty of friends and family around you wanting to cuddle the baby and offering help here and there. However as time progresses you will often find that visits from friends and offers of help slowly dwindle.

You will be encouraged my many to get out there and join soft play and music groups for you and baby to give yourself a break and a chance to meet other mothers in the same position as you. I highly recommend doing this but there is still a gap that needs bridging as you slowly and nervously get to know one another… It’s pretty safe to say that very few new mums will let there guards down and blurt it all out warts and all in the first few meetings with one another.

That’s where these top 10 UK mum bloggers come in! These guys have been there, are there and are doing that… they write very honest, frank accounts of their journeys into motherhood. Aren’t afraid to use profanity, enjoy a gin ( or 3) when the kids have gone to bed and are single handled helping new mum’s across the UK, know it’s ok, its normal and that you are not alone.

What’s more is they are mum’s so they get you don’t have hours to spending reading articles. Their post’s are short, to the point and easy to slot in when your hiding in the loo for 5 minutes peace!

10 Best UK Mum Blogs, Trendy Baby Box Recommends:

1.Tired N Tested

Her Ed Sheenan Parody and love of Tom Hard recently sent Sophie viral and she has literally just waved off her eldest on his first day of school. But she give brutally honest accounts of her life as a mum that resonates with most and is so easily relatable.

2.The Unmumsy mum

Having been one of the mum’s to have been picked up and slated recently by the daily mail. We stand and solute Sarah for standing up and being strong and defending the rights of mothers everywhere to have an opinion and be honest about how tough it can be sometimes. Now pregnant with her 3 child, new follows will get to experience the entire encounter with her from start to finish once more.

3.The Mummy Adventures

With 3 boys and a girl in her brood, Bex’s days aren’t dull. A great source of reference for fun and new brands, events and ideas to discover. She loves travelling with the family and fashion and makes for some interesting and inspiring reading.. She has been voted in the top 10 for kids fashion and lifestyle, mummy bloggers and baby blogs.

4.You baby Me Mummy 

Aby unexpected but much wanted journey into motherhood prompted to her to start blogging and as a result she has becoming a go to mum blogger for anyone interested in getting their own blog up and running successfully. She is honest and inspirational and worth following for anyone who feels they’d like to try blogging.

5.Toby and Roo 

Mum of 3, harriet writes honest opinions whether its for product reviews, motherhood or slightly tougher subjects. Her down to earth nature makes her real and her variety of posts from activities for the kids, to recipes never fail to inspire you as a mum to try something new. Her posts help any new mum realize that the need to keep raising and pushing the bar has to stop at some point. We are afterall only human.

6.Family Fever 

Hugely popular Family Fever is written by Kate Fever, mum to 4. As with many her journey into the world of blogging started as a way for her to capture moments and memories for her children. It’s now turned it to a great meeting point for some many mums, with loads of reviews, giveaways and sharing of experiences. Kate is now studying to become a midwife so you can be sure there will be even more relevant and interesting posts to come from her.

7. In the Playroom 

Anna is a stay at home mum based in London. She loves to share ideas with her followers on learning and play activities. Her blog documents life with young children. As well as fabulous reviews of various products and activities you know any new mum would love. She also have a great printable section on her site to help mum’s keep the litten’s entertained!

8. What Katy Said 

As a family lifestyle blogger Katy covers a lot of topics on her blog. From mum and kids fashion inspiration to being a mum. Running and managing a family there is so much more in between. She makes for great reading. Covering subjects such as milk allergies and toddler hypoglycaemia. Which makes her a must follow for anyone encountering this types of issues with there own.

9.Sparkles and Stretchmarks

Another big name in the world of mum blogs. Hayley has been featured on the likes of This Morning and brings a really fun element to being a mum and not losing yourself in the journey. Covering areas such as mental health alongside family life. Hayley is a go to for anyone currently dealing with an anxiety condition whilst experiencing motherhood.

10. Brummymummyof2

With her brutally honest view on motherhood, Em does hold anything back. Whilst she shared the lovely family moments that make you go aww and a shed a small tear. Equally Em is comfortable with sharing a photo of her self in her Matalan pajamas for the world to see. She’s down to earth, frank and actually very funny.

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